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Help of advanced machine tool manufacturing automation technology transition
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Help of advanced machine tool manufacturing automation technology transition

Machine tool products the level of automation, speed of machine tools, precision has a critical influence on performance, but also become an important distinguishing factor in machine tool grade. Advanced automation technologies and products, machine tool manufacturing industry will no doubt be a major direction for the restructuring of its development potential in this change will be highlighted.

In machine tools, particularly in high-end machine tools, automation technology and products at almost the role of institutions from the control, measurement and feedback the implementing agencies to various parts of institutions that are currently applied to machine tools and machine tool production line in a variety of automation products, almost are in place, innovative change.

As a big manufacturing country, China's machine tool industry in recent years the trend has been running at a high level. Before the financial crisis, this high growth trend has been maintained for 7 years, during which the manufacture of machine tools in China is also ranked No. 9 by the upgrade to the world number 3, output increased by nearly 6 times.

"World factory" in the title no doubt means a huge market demand, this demand as a huge thrust, driving the machine tool manufacturing industry once indomitable, never seem to see the trend of stagnation. However, the inflection point of arrival is still inevitable. Whether the financial turmoil raging and the spread, or the internal changes in market demand, both on the machine tool manufacturing industry presented a serious challenge, at times, the transformation of machine tool manufacturing industry is even more urgent than ever.

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