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How to produce the inner cold hole of the hard alloy inner twist drill bit
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 Carbide internal cooling drill from the handle to the cutting edge There are two twisted drill mandrel rotation of the screw hole, in the cutting process can use compressed air, oil or cutting fluid from the two screw holes through, The role of the drill bit, you can wash away the chip, reduce the cutting temperature of the tool to increase the service life of the tool, the internal cold drill bit is usually used TIALN coating surface, but also increase the durability of the drill and processing size stability, Ordinary carbide drill bits are excellent in cutting performance and are particularly suitable for deep hole machining and difficult-to-machine materials. The drill bits with internal cooling holes are designed to reduce the damage to the drill bits and the appearance of the product , The cold hole drill bit cutting efficiency is 2-3 times the ordinary alloy drill bit, is the modern processing center high-speed high-speed drilling of the best choice, but most people do not understand the use of cold drill bit carbide material How is the cold hole in the manufacture of?

One is the hole with wax: the production and processing of carbide rods is made of first tungsten powder extrusion made of round bars, the middle of the cold hole is the wax and then forming, dewaxing, vacuum sintering molding becomes alloy black, Single straight hole, double straight hole, single screw hole and double screw hole; mainly used in the manufacture of drill and cutter

One is the copper-tin alloy line: diameter from 0. to 25MM or so, the powder in the mill after the billet (bar) before the alloy line together into the rough bar, after high temperature sintering, about the temperature In more than 1200 degrees, copper and tin line naturally melted, it becomes a spiral hole! And then bar after the insulation, the five-axis grinding machine (usually Walter or some of Sweden, into a fine bar, and then according to different requirements, such as processing austenite, alloy, aluminum alloy spiral groove Generally for the large spiral groove, processing of general carbon steel, low carbon steel, high carbon steel HRC45 below the general angle of the helix can be 10-15 degrees, if the straight slot of the drill does not matter, and then grinding the angle angle drill bit diameter The small front angle is better, the opposite is smaller, the rear corner of the general processing of high toughness of the workpiece for a large rear angle, cutting iron is easy to pull out, the disadvantage is the collapse of tough, you can use negative rake angle tool.

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