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Russian customers visiting the United States and Japan machine tools
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January 11, 2018, a client from Russia visited our company. Company general manager, sales director accompanied me to visit the office area, leisure area, production workshop, warehouse and trial mill and so on. The two sides will brief on their respective basic conditions and communicate and exchange views on the Company's production capacity, production equipment, management and further cooperation as well as consulting on various types of grinding machines. The client fully affirmed the company's capabilities in production, equipment level and quality management system, and put forward many constructive suggestions. The meeting laid the solid foundation for further deepening the cooperation between the two sides.


 Foreign clients come to visit our company
For a long time, the United States and Japan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the most sincere attitude, the most reliable product quality, the most reasonable price as the goal, do a good job of various types of product production, sales, service and other departments. Strong technical force, for many years engaged in research and development, production. In the company's efforts of all staff, our company has formed a good reputation in foreign markets and market influence.



Companies adhere to the technology-leading strategy, located in "a world-class tool grinder, precision machinery service providers," the company unswervingly walk in the road of innovation, after years of practice and exploration, and gradually established a technology center as the main R & D system, has built a first-class technology R & D team at home and abroad. In the service company R & D, sales, sale of the front line, to provide customers the best solution.

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Positioning-related products We always follow the standards as the basis, quality as the goal to open up the market. With a wealth of production experience to win the market. With the development of new technologies, the company will continue to develop new products to meet more customer needs. Grinder gradually pick up in the global market, seize the opportunity to open up foreign markets; we continue to improve and develop to provide customers with better products and services. Believe that the United States and Japan will be better tomorrow!


TAIZHOU MEIRI NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. is a manufacturer that specialized in developing and producing small specialpurpose tool grinders, precision machinery tools. Main products include: drill bit sharpener, end mill sharpener, screw tap sharpener, lathe tool grinder, saw blade sharpener, universal cutter grinder, universal tool grinder, chamfer, tapping machine, gear chamfering machine, universal head, rotary table, etc.


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