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Identify the development trend of the industry and look forward
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【Abstract】 Non-standard tools are an important part of equipment manufacturing industry and important process equipment in cutting processing, which determines the processing efficiency, precision, quality and cost of parts in manufacturing. Speaking of the gap with advanced technology, from the user's point of view, the biggest gap is considered to be two: First, the product structure of the entire industry is backward, the traditional common standard non-standard tools still account for the majority, and the sales are very
 Non-standard tools, as an important part of the equipment manufacturing industry and important process equipment in the cutting process, determine the processing efficiency, precision, quality and cost of parts in the manufacturing industry. Speaking of the gap with advanced technology, from the user's point of view, the biggest gap is considered to be two: First, the product structure of the entire industry is backward, the traditional common standard non-standard tools still account for the majority, and the sales are very good, even There have also been so-called low-alloy high-speed steel blades, which have been slow to change in low-end products and counterfeit. This problem is very serious. In 2017, China's high and low-end sales are very good, this phenomenon is worth thinking about. Second, in general, there are still gaps in equipment, technology and services. Although some companies' equipment conditions and technologies are improving, they still can't meet the needs of users. I think the problem is mainly in service. In terms of solutions, the combination of us and users is not good enough. With the premise of production, study and research, and now the production of research and research, I think the word should be the first. Modern advanced manufacturing technology is led by user companies. Users in China also need to bring this head, which will drive the development of a large number of material suppliers and machine tool suppliers.

According to statistics, the current annual sales of non-standard tools in China is about 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of non-standard cemented carbide tools is less than 25%, but the non-standard tools required for domestic manufacturing have occupied non-standard tools. More than 50% of the standard tools, this blind production has seriously failed to meet the growing demand of domestic manufacturing for non-standard tools of carbide, thus forming a vacuum in the middle and high-end market, and eventually occupied by foreign companies.

In today's global integration of the market economy, it is particularly important to strive to narrow the gap with the international advanced level, to identify the development trend of the non-standard tool industry and catch up. Regardless of the survival space of China's non-standard tool industry itself, or the overall situation of improving the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry, it is imperative to accelerate structural adjustment and promote the development of high-efficiency non-standard tools.

High-speed machining has been widely recognized as a processing technology that increases production and reduces manufacturing costs. The concept of dry or micro-lubrication is the main goal of the processing industry today to reduce environmental and production costs. For non-standard tool manufacturers and coating suppliers, the most important is productivity. Cutting performance (cutting speed, cutting time per unit time) is increased by 20%, and manufacturing costs are reduced by 15%. Increasingly demanding machining requirements require further development of non-standard tool materials and coatings, improved machining conditions and improved non-standard tool design.

In the machine tool exhibitions in recent years, the new structure of non-standard tools that non-standard tool manufacturers are competing to launch has become the highlight of everyone's attention. The innovative non-standard tool structure not only improves the performance of non-standard tools, but also has a great impact on the development of non-standard tool types. For example, the milling cutter structure that can realize the ramp milling greatly expands the milling cutter function and reduces the tool change time. The structural features have been extended to different types of milling non-standard tools, forming various milling machines that can be used for ramp milling. Knives have driven the development of milling processes and milling cutters. In addition, such as large feed small depth deep milling cutter, unequal spiral angle vibration end mill, scraper blade, threaded turning tool with contour rail on the bottom of the blade and contour turning tool, internal cooling structure of non-standard tool, etc. The new non-standard tool structure is endless, and the list goes on. The emergence of each new type of non-standard tool will cause great concern in the industry, and will be promoted and applied in the industry quickly, which will greatly promote the development of non-standard tool varieties and improve the performance of non-standard tools. Many non-standard tool companies in China only make non-standard tools and do not produce non-standard tool materials. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the innovation of non-standard tool structures.

According to expert analysis, non-standard tool materials have entered the development era represented by cemented carbide. Compared with high-speed steel, cemented carbide has better performance and higher cutting efficiency. It is together with super-hard materials. An important guarantee for efficient machining of modern cutting technology. Without good non-standard tool materials, any non-standard tool innovations and advances in cutting processes lack the necessary material basis. Solving this problem fundamentally will involve the adjustment of the industrial structure, speed up the construction process of the production base with the research and development capabilities of hard alloy materials and non-standard tools, and rapidly increase the number of non-standard tools of cemented carbide in all non-standard tools. The proportion.

There is a saying in our industry called “integration of imitation,” which may be the starting point for innovation in many of our domestic companies. But our innovation should not begin with a simple imitation. We can and should learn from the advanced experience of foreign counterparts. Learning to study the products of foreign companies is also necessary for us to get started. But we must understand the principles of non-standard tools of foreign counterparts, analyze and understand the starting point of those designs, analyze the benefits of the design to users and manufacturers, what is the suitable occasion, our target users and foreign countries How do users differ in various usage conditions and habits, and we should adjust non-standard tool materials and non-standard tool structures according to their own manufacturing resources, so that we can design non-standard tools to meet the needs of target customers. It is also the stable realization of our production resources. Such products are the products that our customers need, and they are non-standard tool products that incorporate our knowledge and wisdom and have our own innovations.

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