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Powerful milling shank selection and characteristics
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【Abstract】 In the actual on-site machining, the use of powerful milling shank is very common, and it is used by many users as the basic shank.
     In actual on-site machining, the use of powerful milling shanks is very common and is used by many users as the basic shank. The following are some of the key points that are not mentioned in the sample.


(1) About the clamping force

    It is difficult to answer quantitatively questions about the minimum clamping force required for a minimum of kg•m (to be able to remove the knife).

   For example, the powerful milling cutter holder with a clamping force of 300kg•m is used. For practical use, the actual cutting torque of Φ32 is 60kg•m, even if the safety factor is taken into account, 250kg•m. It is completely enough.


(2) The inner diameter has sufficient shrinkage

     In practical applications, there are many occasions where the blade shank diameter is close to the lower tolerance limit and the variable diameter sleeve is used. Regardless of the clamping force of the clamping force, only the gap between the inner wall of the shank and the reducing sleeve, the gap between the reducing sleeve and the shank of the blade is zero, and the clamping force is generated to clamp the cutting tool. If the inner wall of the shank does not have a contraction amount of 0.1-0.12 mm or more, the clamping force is difficult to reach the nominal value.


(3) The inner wall has a groove for accommodating the oil film

   The size of the groove is very important. If it is too small, it will not work. If it is too wide, the handle of the blade will be damaged, causing problems during use. For example, a handle with a clamping force of 300 kg•m, the handle of the blade will withstand a pressure of 2 ton per 1 cm 2 .


(4) Inner wall thickness

   Recently, a shank having a thickness of 10 mm on the inner wall has become a mainstream product, which not only ensures the clamping force but also enhances the rigidity.


(5) Bounce accuracy

     When the cutting parameters are increased, it is often easy to pay attention to the problem of the clamping force.

     It is generally known that the most influential machining efficiency in cutting conditions is feed, but it is often not known that the most influential feed is the runout accuracy. Moreover, when a vibrating knife is generated, it is often easy to think of the rigidity of the shank, but in fact, it is also one of the important reasons that the knives of the knives are excessively caused by the excessively high jerk.


(6) The center and port must be clamped

    Needle Locking Method The port portion of the powerful shank tends to have a weaker clamping force, especially when the small-diameter cutting tool is clamped with a straight collet.

    In order to solve this problem, Da Zhaohe believes that it is a good solution to open a proper slit at the inner diameter of the shank. The slit can make the body part shrink evenly, the shrinkage amount increases, and the jitter accuracy becomes better. In other words, the provision of a reasonable slit at the inner diameter of the strong shank is indispensable for improving the clamping force, the jumping accuracy, and the clamping force at the port portion.


(7) High durability

    According to the third article, the needle-locking type powerful shank will produce 60 ton of pressure after tightening the nut. The long-term use will cause the needle surface to wear. At this time, the shank life should be considered.

The market has a different difference in the life of the powerful milling shank. The life difference of different brands ranges from 1 to 5 times, which requires the user to have sufficient discriminating power.

    The shank with deteriorated accuracy will have a serious impact on the life of the machine tool and the cutting tool. Some effects are not easy to detect but are very serious. It needs regular inspection and timely replacement.


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