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AB Tools uses ANCA software and technology to improve the skills of machine tool operators
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[Abstract]: Easy to learn, flexible to use, ANCA technology can be learned in three days, AB tool company director Alfred Lyon feel
 AB Tools is a leading specialist in the special cutting tool market and a specialist in high performance rotary cutting tools. Alan Baker was founded in 1977 and Jon Baker joined in 1979 as the first employee. Today, they serve virtually every industry, from small companies to large companies such as aerospace, automotive, and medical.


AB Tools has the highest sales volume in its 40-year history, with most customers in the US and also exported to Canada, Mexico, Europe and even Australia.


Jona, president of AB Tools. Senbeck said: "We not only produce 100% of our products, but we also use them in our daily operations. For example, our own carbide tip-welded Dexi-Dovetail milling cutters use their own production tools. Mill the groove on the body and use our own Accu-Hold end mill to extend the clamp to reliably hold the workpiece."


“Shear-hog is our best-selling product, my father Alan Baker, the Shear-hog blade designed 25 years ago, immediately became the number one product in sales, and it has been enduring for so long. We produce serialized welded hard Alloy tools, increasing the diameter and length of our products."


“When we decided to purchase ANCA equipment, our grinding expert Alfred Lyon was interested in how CNC machine tools would help our production. Once we invested in ANCA, the company would greatly improve our ability to produce all kinds of tools. In terms of, I think our ANCA equipment offers a complete set of services - they are stable, do not require extensive maintenance, and operate quickly. The single-piece grinding time we produce is significantly improved and production is continuous throughout the day."


Alfred Lyon, AB Tools' production supervisor and grinding expert, said: "A few years ago, due to the time and labor involved, it was difficult to be competitive in producing special tools. When we invested in ANCA machines, the grinding ability and flexibility Software means that we can now produce it once or twice more. In addition, it greatly increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process, which means we can make a profit. This means that today our pricing is very competitive and can shorten the delivery. Time to provide services to customers."


“I watched an ANCA grinding machine at the IMTS International Machine Tool Show in Chicago. The machine tool display operator proved that I completed our tool grinding program editing in five minutes. It took 20 to 25 minutes to make a tool before. It takes another 15 to 25 minutes to write the G code. This means a lot of time and effort. Once the work is done and the program is saved, you only need to reload the file the next time you need the tool."


“The ANCA application engineer came to AB Tools for a three-day new machine training. I think I am a fast learner. One day, I am grinding the tool. By the next day, I feel that the trainer coach does not need to be there. It's really fast. For those who lack skilled operators, it's especially important to have easy-to-learn technology. At AB Tools, we improve our skills by training recently graduated high school students and providing them with career development opportunities. A few days later we let They operate the machine, adjust the settings, and then we train them how to program as simple as that."


“My favorite thing about ANCA technology is the ability to program offline. In the past, grinding simulation was in my mind, as was the case with many manual tool grinders. You know what you want, after grinding, you want it to look As you've always dreamed of. Simulation software lets us create tools with all the given parameters and see what the finished tool will look like. Plus offline programming has revolutionized the way we make cutting tools."


“Reproducibility is also important, because in the past, we could make the same tool, but it will never be the same. The slot length will vary, the length of the blade, the back corner, and the clear edge will all change slightly. Use ANCA because you can save the program and all the features that come with it, which means that every sharpened cutting tool has the same cutting function."


“When we got the first MX7 Linear grinding machine, we were shocked by the ability to grind. I mean, the cutting edges are beautiful. The grooves, they look so perfect. We don’t need polishing. I like it. Sharing what I did on social media and comments like "That is art", frankly these days are really beautiful," Alfred said.


Jon went on to say, "Alfred, an important employee of AB Tools has done a back surgery and knocked him down for months. However, Alfred does not like to sit still, he is grinding The passion for technology means that he wants to get back to work as soon as possible. ANCA technology means that he can use the simulator to run the program on the bed, so that he can start working again during physical rehabilitation."


“This is also important to our business, because it means we have our grinding experts, and all of his expertise is back earlier than we did without simulation software.”


Alfred also said, "My spine surgery was done for 8 hours. I wanted to start working again that night, but my wife wouldn't let me do this in the hospital. I quickly connected all the way home. Something. Although lying in bed, I was able to prepare a grinding program for the ANCA grinding machine, about 5 to 15 grinding programs per day."


“I will email the program to my team members and they will pass them to the grinding machine for grinding production.”


"If their service is not so good, I will be dissatisfied with ANCA. No matter how high-end your product is, if you don't get technical support, it may be a problem. I just send an email and I will be the next morning. Received a reply or a technician appeared at our doorstep. This level of service has been around since we only had one grinding machine. Now we have six grinders. This treatment has resonated with me."


Jon concludes: "I am passionate about our industry. I love our industry, I have been here for the rest of my life, and there are a lot of people there who like what they do. AB Tools always looks to the future and hopes it will include almost everything. CNC equipment. I said this is because the achievements we made in purchasing the first ANCA CNC machine are incredible, and the technology will continue to improve, opening up huge opportunities."


TAIZHOU MEIRI NEW ENERGY CO., LTD. is a manufacturer that specialized in developing and producing small specialpurpose tool grinders, precision machinery tools. Main products include: drill bit sharpener, end mill sharpener, screw tap sharpener, lathe tool grinder, saw blade sharpener, universal cutter grinder, universal tool grinder, chamfer, tapping machine, gear chamfering machine, universal head, rotary table, etc.


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