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        December 5 in the morning 8 when, US Japan machine all small partners in Wenling City stadium, with a clear and crisp the starting gun sound, sponsored by the people's Government of Wenling City, Wenling City Committee of the Communist Youth League, Sports Bureau of Wenling City, Wenling City Environmental Protection Bureau, Wenling daily co fifth "runaway love" public welfare activities, the city officially started. We also with the sound of guns, passion to go.

        This is the Wenling city held fifth public baozou. 4 years, a total of nearly 560 teams, 4120 more volunteers in runaway fund-raising activities participation, volunteers to participate in "Voyager" the number of kilometers, close to 81400 km, total to raise money 339486 multivariate.
        This year's "runaway love" with a total of 402 teams of 2100 players, a total of 130123 yuan to raise money. The money will be used by the Wenling public welfare organization to improve the school conditions for the children of migrant workers in the area.
        The runaway route will Wenling City greenway along a circle, a total of 32 km, most of them to the mountain, professional group to complete the entire process, the fastest also need to more than three hours, because the mountain, of physical exertion is very powerful. At 11:20 in the morning, Sun Zhongfu first arrived at the end, running 33 km.

        Through the city for the love of runaway, Wenling City Forest fitness path to create the annual fixed charity fundraising and mountain sports for the quality of the theme events. Green environmental protection by walking on the way, with the sound of public welfare, green form, transfer and enlarge the connotation of the city of Wenling volunteer service, with the charm of walking show movement, with the power to spread the power of the walk, to convey the culture of urban charity.


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